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In the past, I have worked on many full stack projects based using TypeScript Nextjs Frontend and Flask Python backend. My physics reports (maybe I will upload them one day) also utilized Python to process experiment data. I have also tried building Transformer Model from scratch with it. In high school, I have also written many very cool Java Simulations with OOP. Additionally, C++ has become my favourious languages for leetcoding. Recently, I am developing my skills in Machine Learning with PyTorch as well as playing around with Rust .
I am a second-year student studying Engieering Science at the University of Toronto, with a major in Machine Intelligence. Through this program, I have been exposed to a wide range of core engineering concepts, including quantum mechanics, molecular biology, and fluid dynamics, as well as developing an engineering mindset and problem-solving skills.
In addition to my schoolwork, I have been actively engaged in extracurricular activities that have allowed me to develop my skills and contribute to the larger student community. I am a Webmaster for the University of Toronto Engineering Student Consulting Association and am involved with the aUToronto student team, working on autonomous vehicle perception. I have also been actively engaged with the Google Developer Student Club , supporting and empowering student developers.
I interned remotely at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) in summer 2021 as a Innovation Developer as part of the Summer Tech Lab program. During this internship, I built the RBC tech information center, designed the UI components and restructured navigation for the access to the company's tech product using Figma, Angular and TypeScipt. In summer 2022, I returned to RBC as a Software Developer Intern to the Toronto Office. I integrated a data hub for RBC online banking across 10 countries and developed a customizable desktop app with React & Electron. For the upcoming summer 2023, I will be joining Google as a STEP Software Engineer in the Montreal Chrome Team.